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City Minutes

Minutes are not approved until the next regularly scheduled Council meeting. These links require Adobe Acrobat.



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Message from the Mayor




I’ve sat at the computer a couple of times lately to write a column regarding city of Powell happenings. Each time I’ve been interrupted by a variety of issues – voicemail from a citizen about grass piling up in the alley, news of a water main break, questions regarding the next agenda, juggling schedules to set up a meeting, or the most common, funding needs for any number of important ideas.  Exciting stuff?  Mostly not. But important, yes.


Probably the most important thing we do as a city council is try and predict the future. Yup, get the crystal ball out, put your name on the line, and say I think this is the best plan of action.


Sure, there is engineering behind many important decisions. But all of that is predicated on what technology will change, what traffic patterns will change, what housing developments will be built, what businesses will start up. It is not uncommon in our discussions to say, ‘I wonder why the city made that decision 25 years ago.’ Thus, why I pause quite often and gaze into the future, crystal ball in hand.


Fortunately, I do not make decisions alone and the city is loaded with talented staff. At last week’s council meeting three honors of distinction were awarded for life-saving decisions on the part of our police department. Pretty awesome. Plus, our audit came back clean and unqualified.  The cool part is as we transition from some great veteran employees, the next generation is stepping up and carrying on the tradition of quality work at the City of Powell. Downtown is being readied for Christmas and getting a fresh look thanks to a combined city/community effort to replace the outdated flagpole banners. PEP and the Chamber have merged and are working hard to be a stronger unified voice for business and economic development. The golf course has wrapped up another season and more importantly is now debt free. Looking to the future, we are close to implementing electronic citations.  Hopefully most people will avoid dealing with these, but the process will increase our efficiency and save money by eliminating redundancy in record keeping. Behind all of this the water flows, lights come on and our trash is picked up. 


What I am trying to say is the Powell’s success comes from government, businesses and community organizations all wrapped up together. Boring and important decision happen every day – sometimes we don’t always know which is which. But I thank our qualified staff, dedicated volunteers and concerned citizens for staying involved in keeping Powell the quality city we strive to be.


I believe it’s important to listen, then deliberate, and always work to do our best to represent the citizens of Powell in our jobs.  I appreciate the voice mails, emails, and letters to the editors. Citizen input makes it much easier to predict the future.






John Wetzel


City of Powell

John Wetzel

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