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City Minutes

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Message from the Mayor



Summertime, and the living is easy… but the work goes on.

City of Powell crews are trying to keep our town beautiful, so we can all joy the
summer wonders of living in Wyoming. We were challenged to get the streets
cleaned after a rough winter and a mishap with the street sweeper. We
accomplished a chunk of slurry sealing in the last few weeks, and will continue
street maintenance with chip sealing, primarily on the south side of town, the week
of August 13. The ongoing process of building sidewalk ramps that meet ADA
standards continues, as it does most every summer. In contrast, the Coulter Avenue
project is 100% complete with new trees, lights and removal of Boulevards. The
Absaroka Street project continues with engineering and will soon be ready to bid.
We should see the reconstruction in full steam in 2019.

As I drive around town, I am always appreciative of the care Powell residents take
with their property. Your yards are looking great! We at the city are also working
hard to keep our parks ready for use, so folks can get out and enjoy the long summer
days. I hope everyone’s gardens are as fertile and productive as the city’s and
perhaps reap delicious… tomatoes for your family.

Alumni weekend was successful, as usual, and a special time to catch up with
classmates and friends from the past. And the Park County Fair is in full swing as I
write this column. I hope people have a chance to soak up their favorite part of fair
week – food, animals or fun.

In short, enjoy summer to its fullest. Remember, you might want to sneak in a round
of golf or a visit to aquatic center if the heat gets too much for you.


John Wetzel


City of Powell

John Wetzel

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