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Message from the Mayor



This last week I was on vacation and out of cell phone range for a few days so
I wasn’t surprised to get a call from Zane Logan, Powell’s city administrator. I often
get updates on PR issues, power outages, service issues, etc. I answered the phone
with a cheery “What’s up Zane?” only to hear the very somber news that a great man
and member of our city family had passed away earlier that morning. I was shocked,
saddened and am still having trouble believing he’s gone.

Many years ago in the War Surplus store, I heard of a gentleman who hunted
elk every fall in Area 41 in the Big Horn Mountains, usually one specific drainage. I
was looking for help then as a rookie bow hunter. I contacted Bill Winters for advice
and he was willing to share information about hunting the area. Bill and I spoke a
few times, but it wasn’t until I became a councilman in Powell that I truly got the
privilege of being Bill Winters’ friend. As I did my city work, Bill often spoke up at
city meetings lending his vast institutional knowledge and solid advice with a
friendly smile.

Last December Bill announced he would retire in January 2018. I was happy
for Bill, but a little sad for the city. I wonder how many cold winter days and nights
he spent on streets of Powell making sure our water flowed and the frozen pipes
were fixed as efficiently as possible. I knew after over 36 years with the city, Bill’s
presence would be missed. He was torn about retirement when we spoke about his
position as a Powell representative to the Park County Drug Court. He was actually
making sure he could continue to serve in that capacity. He was only on the board
for a few short years, but he loved being involved and trying to make a difference.
Bill was not afraid to speak of his history with alcohol and those people who stepped
in to help him when he needed it. I respected him immensely for being open, honest
and always willing to pay it forward.

Even in retirement Bill was a regular visitor of city hall, stopping in to chat
and stay current on the city business he missed. Bill’s life was cut far too short on
July 8 and will be a loss to the all who knew him. My thoughts and prayers go out to
his family and friends.

Bill, you will be missed by many in the City of Powell.



John Wetzel


City of Powell

John Wetzel

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