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City Minutes

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Message from the Mayor



The New Year has started with change in the air for the City of Powell. We are still working our way through a triple retirement month. Larry Carter, Bill Winters and Nancy Knight all decided it was time for their next adventure. Suffice it to say their years of combined service take several hands to calculate and we thank them for every one of those years. They will be missed immensely. The replacement process has started and transition should be seamless, especially if Bill and Larry answer their cell phones when we call.


February has brought more action on the Absaroka Street widening project. Planning and engineering is in full force. We had a very productive planning meeting last week and are progressing quite well. We should be ready to bid the project in October of this year.


Winter has made its way to Powell with snow and ice as regular topics of discussion. We make every effort to keep the streets and sidewalks as safe as possible. Each morning the streets crews sand streets around the schools and major intersections early, then work throughout town from there. Some crews start at 4 am with more help arriving at 7 am to sweep the downtown walks, parks and other city properties.  Last year we spread three times our average in sand, fortunately this year while we are out a lot, so far we’ve not reached previous levels. January and February have been a seesaw of freeze and thaw with some fun icebergs left behind. Only Mother Nature can really clean those up. It’s best to remember to slow down and drive with caution.


Speaking of driving, the new hands free ordinance is in effect now.  As a friendly reminder, a great way NOT to have a conversation with Powell’s police is to not use your phone with your hands while driving. Bluetooth is fine for conversations, but texting and driving is not. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with this change and firmly believe it will make our roads even safer.


Spring is just around the corner, and yes it is an election year, so take some time to think about running for public office. You can make a difference in your community.




John Wetzel


City of Powell

John Wetzel

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