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City of Powell Water/Wastewater/Storm Drainage


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720 West North Street
(307) 754–9803


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Annual Drinking Water Quality Report


Water/Wastewater/Storm Drainage

The City of Powell Water/Wastewater Shop and Water Plant are located at 720 West North Street. We have a full-time crew of three (3) plus a Superintendent and are all licensed by the State of Wyoming D.E.Q. Our areas of responsibility include, but are not limited too, installation and maintenance of water service taps, maintenance and records of water meters, maintenance of water mains and valves, fire hydrants, pressure reducing valve stations, Scada System, water sampling, two (2) over head towers and one (1) ground storage tank for a total of 1,900,000 Gallons of potable water. Maintenance of large lagoon system and pumping station, wastewater test sampling, discharge permit, sewer mains, and manholes, the storm drain and under ground drain systems within the City of Powell.

Message from the Mayor




Who doesn’t like to see a helicopter land?  It’s pretty cool stuff.  The City of Powell was asked to grant permission for one of the medical helicopters to land in Veterans Park to be on display during the Park County Fair.  I hope all the kids – big and small – got to see it! 


Yes, the fair fun has already come and gone, but August brings a host of other fun.  If you’re still holding on to some of the calories consumed during the events, check out the Sugar Beet Classic triathlon or plan to hike Heart Mountain as part of NWC’s the Paint the Town RED events.  Wings and Wheels provides an annual opportunity for gazing at airplanes and automobiles at the municipal airport.  But if you really just like the food trucks, don’t worry.  You’ll find them gathered together for the second annual Plaza Diane Renaissance Fair, and again when the college connects with the community for a free concert in downtown Powell welcoming everyone to a new academic year.  Speaking of the plaza, the shade sails are up and the splash pad is working, so please enjoy some time downtown! 


And how could I forget there is an eclipse to see?  From what I read, even Powell will have a pretty interesting view of this rare occurrence.  Please be courteous and safe while taking in the wonder of nature.


As always, there is a whirl of things to do in the summer time and still a lot going on in Powell before, shall I dare say it, the ‘back to school’ bell rings.  So mark your calendars, call your friends, and do what we do best in Wyoming – fly through summer, hoping it will never end.  


If you really like sub-zero temps and shoveling snow, the winter weather will be here soon.  And the city crews will be ready for their other seasonal activities as well.






John Wetzel


City of Powell

John Wetzel

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