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Welcome to the city of Powell, Wyoming.

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City of Powell Water/Wastewater/Storm Drainage


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720 West North Street
(307) 754–9803


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Annual Drinking Water Quality Report


Water/Wastewater/Storm Drainage

The City of Powell Water/Wastewater Shop and Water Plant are located at 720 West North Street. We have a full-time crew of three (3) plus a Superintendent and are all licensed by the State of Wyoming D.E.Q. Our areas of responsibility include, but are not limited too, installation and maintenance of water service taps, maintenance and records of water meters, maintenance of water mains and valves, fire hydrants, pressure reducing valve stations, Scada System, water sampling, two (2) over head towers and one (1) ground storage tank for a total of 1,900,000 Gallons of potable water. Maintenance of large lagoon system and pumping station, wastewater test sampling, discharge permit, sewer mains, and manholes, the storm drain and under ground drain systems within the City of Powell.

Message from the Mayor



It was a bittersweet moment on Tuesday, February 21, as I recited my oath of office as Mayor of Powell.  While I was sad to say goodbye to former Mayor Don Hillman, I am excited to be the next mayor for a town I thoroughly love.

On to business.  Its planning time at the city which is exciting as we ponder the future.  Budget season is upon us where our work will focus on continuing to take care of city business, with a mindful eye toward preserving and protecting the reserves. Many projects, repairs and maintenance are also forthcoming, including this summer’s WYDOT partnership to remove the remaining medians and replace street lights on Colter Highway.  Engineering has begun on widening Absaroka Street; my thanks to taxpayers for supporting this sales tax initiative.  And if you look closely you may see a new Verizon tower emerge in the softball complex at Homesteader Park.  Spring will be busy as the weather breaks with pot hole repairs, leading to chip sealing streets this summer.  Of course, we cannot forget the street cleaning necessary as we recovery from a real Wyoming winter. Finally, here’s a warning for folks if they see me driving about.  My attention on city details has become somewhat acute as I move around town.  But I’ll try not count potholes or look at sewer drains – we have professionals for that. 

Moving forward, feel free to call or stop by city hall with your thoughts or concerns.


John Wetzel


City of Powell

John Wetzel

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