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Message from the Mayor



I am rightfully taking a little teasing for not writing my column Mayors Notes.  Following a busy election season, I started to write the column a few times and failed

to finish the task. So, third time’s a charm.


January brought one new face to Powell City Council and we were excited to swear Steve Lensegrav in and have him begin getting up to speed on city business.


Meanwhile, the city staff are keeping up with the regular chores like sanding roads, clearing snow, fixing water line breaks… ouch, February was cold! Lots of preparation for the summer season is getting covered as well including important equipment maintenance and repairs, rebuilding water meters, a small remodel to the electric department, refinishing picnic tables and much more. The administrative team is also busy preparing the next fiscal year budget; it’s not a fun chore and it commands a lot of attention to detail.


Of course, a few other tasks are hogging time and we couldn’t be more excited about them. The past work of visionaries who developed Water Tower West is steadily paying off for Powell as businesses build in this location and contribute to our economy.


The new hotel and convention center is moving forward with planning and coordination from both state and the local stakeholders. The project is a productive mix of public and private dollars to benefit our community in the future. Recently, a large convention committee toured the Park County Fairgrounds looking for a 2020 or 2021 meeting venue. The hotel will play a big part in their decision to gather in Powell. Fingers crossed, but it’s exciting to see community efforts leading to potential events that will fit well in Powell.


Club Dauntless is another big happening that will have a major and lasting impact on the health and welfare of Powell. I asked to be the first member when the club opens, so I guess my New Year’s resolution can wait until 2020. Seriously, we should all love it when private ventures invest in our community.


Your one cent sales tax dollars are at work as we renovate several blocks of Absaroka Street. The contractor is scheduled to begin construction in early April. The city is working hard to keep homeowners on the street informed of activity and we are asking for everyone’s patience and cooperation as the road will be closed intermittently. Please use care and planning while driving in the area and try to route around Absaroka Street as much as possible until completion. Most importantly, thank you for investing in the future of Powell!


The final major task we are focused on is finding the right individual to fill the large shoes soon to be vacated by our longtime and talented city administrator, Zane Logan, who is retiring in June.  A committee is currently involved in the interview process and will share information as appropriate.  I want to thank Zane for giving the City of Powell many years of quality work, as well as the necessary time to plan a smooth transition.


I promise warmer weather will come, so we can soon talk about street sweeping, ballfield striping, grass cutting and fishing derbies. I would love to enjoy some sunshine and watch soccer in the parks!


John Wetzel


City of Powell

John Wetzel

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