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Message from the Mayor



Wow, is it summer already? Well, maybe ... and soon it will be fall. I hope all the folks in Powell are planning and scurrying around to enjoy as much of the season as possible.


At the city we are working in the same mode --- making sure baseball fields are in order, parks are clean, and, yes, tending to that boring thing we call infrastructure.


The Absaroka Street project is in full swing and we appreciate everyone's patience as they guess which cross street is open on any given day. Thankfully, the project is on schedule in spite of the rain.


The city's electric system took a hit with the recent fire, but it will be repairable. Our substation is close to 30 years old, but well maintained. While we experienced a major outage with some damage, we will get back to normal operations in a reasonable amount of time with few interruptions in service.


I believe our city employees handled this accident in a very professional manner and I would be remiss in not thanking all those who came to help. Our neighbors have been tremendously supportive from the second the explosion occurred -- including Western Area Power Authority, Garland Light & Power, Powell Fire Department, City of Cody, local businesses and many more. Folks jumped in to help in a variety of ways and we are very grateful. What a "trial by fire" to welcome Zack Thorington to his new position as city manager! Seriously, we welcome Zack aboard in his new role and look forward to his leadership for the City of Powell.


Crews are starting to slurry seal designated streets; you should have already received notice if your neighborhood is on the list.


As always keep an eye out as you drive around town, because lots of kids are at play and on bicycles -- and please stay off your phones. Also, take note that a few streets have new speed limits.


As July heats up, yards around the community are looking good -- and hopefully your barbecue events are not being ruined by the thunderstorms. As always, thank you for all you do to make Powell a beautiful and safe town.


(John Wetzel is the mayor of Powell.)


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