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Summer is here, and if you’re like me, your plans have changed several times – if not daily. The same is true at the City of Powell. We survived operating via digital city council meetings (that’s one for the record book!) and are happy to be conducting business in the council chamber again, for now. 

We are up and running at full speed with some exceptions – the pool is still on limited capacity and we are exercising precautions throughout all departments. Several projects are moving forward including work at the airport, renovating our Westside Park tennis courts and summer streets maintenance. In essence, we are doing as much as we can with what we have…money wise and safety wise. 

Looking forward we are tightening our budgets and planning accordingly, as the state is forecasting a bleak picture for current and future revenues that most likely will affect our 2021-22 budget year drastically. 

On a brighter note as folks stay close to home for the summer, we are seeing lots of home-owners complete projects around town. I love the care people in Powell take with their properties. The flowers and landscaping around the city look great! 

As we struggle through the Coronavirus Pandemic, I hope everyone stays safe and we can return to a more normal life soon.




A vibrant college town just 75 miles from Yellowstone.

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About Powell

The City of Powell is a community located in the northwest corner of Wyoming, 75 miles east of Yellowstone National Park and 98 miles south of Billings, Montana. Lying between the Big Horn Mountains on the east and the Absaroka Range on the west, clear blue skies, clean air, a temperate climate, and loads of sunshine make the Powell Valley a wonderfully refreshing place to live.

Powell has a diverse commercial, industrial, educational, historical museum and agricultural/ ranching based economy with dedicated, hard-working people with strong work ethics. Superior educational opportunities abound with excellent schools and an outstanding two-year college. Excellent health care facilities, recreational opportunities, retirement living, cultural events, shopping, fine dining, and modern community and public services all provide for a high quality of life for our residents

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