City Hall will be open to the public beginning on Monday, May 4, 2020.

For you safety and the safety of others, we encourage you to call or visit our website rather than coming to City Hall.  Most of our services can be handled over the phone, so please call us at 754-5106, and let’s all continue to stay healthy.

Suggested “no contact” payment options include:

  • Online:
  • Phone: 855-379-0552 ($1.50 service fee)
  • Mail Check/Money Order to 270 N. Clark St.
  • Drop Box in the alley off 3rd Street (No Cash)


Access department contact information and relevant relevant resources.

View City Code and important permits and applications.

The email addresses and phone numbers people request.

Fill out, print, and mail applications.

Difficult times. Yes, these are unprecedented times in our country. I started this column several times in hopes of communicating information and updates to all, only for the situation to change right when I am about to hit send. We at the City of Powell have been planning, discussing and implementing changes to keep our citizens safe and continue to provide necessary and essential services to our residents daily. Yes, the doors to city hall are closed, but we are still open and functioning at a high level when it comes to essential services. Feel free to call the city if you have questions, the doors are only closed to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and protect our citizens and city employees. Closure of local businesses is not a city power, closure is voluntary for now, and any mandate would come from the State and County health departments.

I believe the best thing we can do at this time is take a deep breath as we try to balance our desire to carry on life in a normal fashion without harming others and ourselves. We do need to accept that Covid-19 is serious and has deadly consequences we need to minimize as best we can. I also believe the strong and caring nature of Wyoming’s people will make it easier to accomplish a flattening of the curve. Yes, the disease is here in Park County and there are many unknowns about how it will spread. If you have been in contact with someone who is sick, or you begin to exhibit symptoms, call your personal healthcare provider or the Powell Valley Healthcare Covid-19 Hotline at (307)-754-1242 before visiting the hospital or any public spaces. Please heed the recommendations of the public health officials, and together, we can get through the days ahead.

Please also be respectful of each other’s levels of fear. Many of us will respond to this challenge in different ways. I think it goes without saying be kind and considerate to your friends and neighbors. Reach out from a safe distance to those who may be in need or may just need to chat. Preferably, use the phone, Facetime, Zoom, social media, etc. I cannot believe I am suggesting more computer time, but you get the message: limit close contact while being neighborly. Also take time to smell the roses; a huge asset Wyoming has is open space. Get out for a walk, go fishing, watch the sunset, ride the bike… in small groups being outside will be great medicine.

A vibrant college town just 75 miles from Yellowstone.

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About Powell

The City of Powell is a community located in the northwest corner of Wyoming, 75 miles east of Yellowstone National Park and 98 miles south of Billings, Montana. Lying between the Big Horn Mountains on the east and the Absaroka Range on the west, clear blue skies, clean air, a temperate climate, and loads of sunshine make the Powell Valley a wonderfully refreshing place to live.

Powell has a diverse commercial, industrial, educational, historical museum and agricultural/ ranching based economy with dedicated, hard-working people with strong work ethics. Superior educational opportunities abound with excellent schools and an outstanding two-year college. Excellent health care facilities, recreational opportunities, retirement living, cultural events, shopping, fine dining, and modern community and public services all provide for a high quality of life for our residents

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