City of Powell Sanitation / Weed and Pest Department
413 North Ingalls
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Sanitation Department

The City of Powell Sanitation Department operates two (2) fully automated side-loader trucks. We also have a rear loader truck that is used to collect various items left in the alleys. This unit is operated on an “as-needed” basis. The City of Powell provides 90-gallon containers for curbside collection and 300-gallon containers for alley and commercial collection.

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Weed and Pest Department

The Public Health Department is also responsible for Weed & Pest control. The City of Powell sprays and/or mows weeds on City property, including alleys and right-of-ways. We try to work with homeowners as much as possible and we ask residents to keep their weeds mowed or sprayed. Failure to keep weeds under control will result in a special notice giving you 10 working days to complete the task.

Great care is exercised in our mosquito-spraying program and we use only EPA approved chemicals at proper recommended doses. We will shut the spraying machine off at your property if you wish, but you must give us advance notice. Spraying operations can only occur when wind & weather cooperates so our spraying schedule varies. If you have questions call 754-3552.

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