City of Powell Streets Department
951 East 4th Street
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Streets Department

There are over 44 miles of streets and 13 miles of alleys that the City of Powell Streets Department maintains. The Streets Department can be reached at 754-9513. Before calling with any questions you may wish to check our Frequently Asked Questions, Maintenance Schedule which may answer your questions.

For your convenience to report potholes, or other maintenance items that you wish to inform us of, you can also e-mail us but please use this only for normal correspondence, not for an emergency.

Along with the Streets Superintendent, your City of Powell Streets Department consists of a team of 4 highly qualified individuals who are responsible for the repair and maintenance of all City streets including: street repairs and pothole repairs, street signs, street markings, street rebuilds, alley maintenance and repairs, city owned concrete maintenance, and a myriad of other services and public response help.

Along with the above services there is also a full-time sweeper who sweeps all of the City streets and, in times of snow, sweeps the public walk paths that are designated in the City of Powell for snow sweep service

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